Air Conditioning Recharge with Crescent Motors in Dukinfield

Air Conditioning at Crescent Motors, Dukinfield

We provide a full air conditioning regas on any make and model from just ยฃ70.
If the system will not regas, unlike the fast fit centres we won’t just send you away. We’ll waive the ยฃ70 regas charge and for just ยฃ20 will run a diagnostic check on the system to find the problem.
Our diagnostic checks can tell you more than just if components are leaking – With our extensive diagnostic equipment we can also check for electrical faults which may stop the system from functioning.
driving on a sunny day - Car Air Conditioning Dunkfield

Pollen Filters

We stock pollen filters for most vehicles with prices starting at ยฃ10 fitted and including VAT. These are often blocked and subsequently cause air conditioning/heating to be less effective.

Winter Time

Keep using your air conditioning in the winter! Air conditioning gas will last longer in the system if used regularly all year round. In winter it can be particularly effective when defrosting your car.